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Plan your dreams - reach your dreams!

If we want to live happy life, we need to follow our dreams. To follow them, we need to set goals. To reach the goals, we need to split them into tasks. Task is just an empty wish till it's planned and here it is where the Dreamsplan comes.

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The Dreamsplan is based on a simple principle that the task management shouldn't be more time consuming than accomplishement of tasks itself. Everything is designed to be one-click or drag&drop. This makes the Dreamsplan easily usable for everyone.


  • enter the task by single click
  • no registration, just save your own URL
  • timeline operable by drag&drop
  • set categories and tags
  • see what you've done in the past

Coming soon 

  • task lists sharing across accounts
  • database data storage (text files are used now)
  • social networks integration


HTML, JavaScript (Ajax), PHP5

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